Stay Prepared For Turkey Day

Three happy female friends preparing food in domestic kitchen for thanksgiving celebration
Thanksgiving Day is a big event, especially if you are the one hosting and preparing all the food for the holiday. Some people will try get ahead by prepping things the night before Thanksgiving, but one evening is not enough. You can ease the stress of the holiday by preparing... [read more]

What To Do With That Old Jack-O-Lantern

Staircase autumn decor. House entrance with halloween pumpkin decoration on wooden stairs, two jack o lanterns with spooky faces on porch of apartment building during all hallows eve
Now that November is here, it is time to start focusing on family, preparing for winter, and maybe that man in a red suit with a white beard. No matter what your November looks like, it is time to figure out what to do with your Jack-o-lantern. Instead of throwing... [read more]

Don’t Fall Behind On Your Car Care This Season

Hand is cleaning car headlight using a red microfiber cloth.
We're heading into winter, and no one wants to think about the cold and dark months ahead. But you know what's worse? Coming outside on a bitterly cold morning to discover that your vehicle isn't in shape to take you to work or shopping or visiting relatives. Luckily, the folks... [read more]

Enjoy A Delicious Burger At Mickey’s Downtown

Burger with a cutlet of murbled beef with cheddar cheese, bacon, spicy chili sauce, cucumber and tomato, in a white bun with sesame seeds served
If you are tired of eating at the same food joints, then you need to try Mickey’s. Conveniently located in the Clarksville downtown area, Mickey’s offers great food and a great atmosphere no matter who you are. Starters When you arrive at Mickey’s you can start your meal with some delectable appetizers... [read more]

Host The Greatest Halloween Party With These Tips and Tricks

friendship, holiday and people concept - group of happy smiling friends in halloween costumes of vampire, devil, witch and cheetah at home party at night
  Ahh yes. Halloween. It has a long and storied history that goes all the way back to, well, you'll have to Google it — we don't really have the space for that here. Instead, let's talk about today. Specifically, let's discuss how can you host the greatest Halloween party with... [read more]

Step Up Your Party With These Halloween Recipes

Candy spiders and mummie cookies for a Halloween party
There's cooking for a party, and then there's whipping something spooky up for a Halloween bash. Halloween brings out the best in our creativity and imagination, but if you're short on spooky ideas, check out this list of great Halloween recipes. Classic Fall Recipes Caramel Apples: There are three quintessential fall goodies,... [read more]

What To Know When Buying Windshield Wipers

Image of an Asian Chinese woman check her windshield wiper before the journey
Windshield wipers are important for safe driving and visually while driving, however, they are probably the last item on your car that you think about. It is hard to remember that you should replace your windshield wipers until it is already raining, snowing, dusty, or there is a swarm of... [read more]

How To Pick The Best Pumpkin

boy picks pumpkin at the farmers market.
Pumpkins are the main decoration for fall. Whether it is to celebrate the season, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, pumpkins are involved in every stage of decorating for fall. Plus, going to a pumpkin patch is how many friends and family start the season off. Having a pumpkin is a must for... [read more]

The Ultimate Fall Scavenger Hunt Guide

Scavenger hunt game sign outside
Fall is a great time of year to go and explore outside. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing, and animals are roaming around preparing to hibernate. That’s why Kids Activities Blog’s fall scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for your kiddos this fall. Whether you home school,... [read more]

How To Make Pumpkin Spice Lattes At Home

Pumpkin Spice Latte. Cup of Latte with Seasonal Autumn Spices, Cookies and Fall Decor. Traditional Coffee Drink for Autumn Holidays.
You know fall is really here when you can get your pumpkin spice latte again. While going to a coffee shop to grab your favorite drink is fun, sometimes you want to be able to immediately enjoy the fall favorite at home. If your idea of the perfect fall includes... [read more]