Step Up Your Party With These Halloween Recipes

Candy spiders and mummie cookies for a Halloween party

There’s cooking for a party, and then there’s whipping something spooky up for a Halloween bash. Halloween brings out the best in our creativity and imagination, but if you’re short on spooky ideas, check out this list of great Halloween recipes.

Classic Fall Recipes

Caramel Apples: There are three quintessential fall goodies, and at least one of them must make an appearance at all fall gatherings. These easy but delicious caramel apples can fulfill that requirement for your Halloween party.

Pumpkin Pie: Wondering what the other two goodies are? If you guessed pumpkin pie you’re right on the money. There is nothing that screams fall more than this harvest favorite. Whip it up in less than an hour.

Mini Apple Pie: It’s a toss-up between apple pie and sweet potato pie for which one makes the top three fall treats list, but this recipe for mini apple pies makes the American classic perfect for a party.

Creepy Crawly Recipes

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies: There is nothing quite like the creative culinary skills it takes to make a dollop of icing look like a giant spider. Equally, there’s nothing like the delight your partygoers will feel when they take a bite of these cookies.

Graveyard Dirt Cake: This throwback to summer camp will make for a great addition to your Halloween dessert table.  The main ingredients are crumbled chocolate cookies and a gummy worm to make it super creepy.

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies: Nothing is quite as creepy as an eight-legged arachnid. Except maybe if there are multiple. These chocolate chip cookies will look like a swarm of spiders thanks to a little melted chocolate and a piping bag.

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Ghoulishly Good Recipes

Creepy Zombie Eye Meatballs: Meatballs are a great party dish. You can stick a toothpick in them and they become easy to grab and go.

Hot Dog Mummies: Hotdogs are an easy menu item for a party. Wrap a few in crescent roll dough and they become yummy mummies for your guest.

Halloween Skull Cupcakes: Turn your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe into a Night of the Living Dead-inspired Halloween Skull and they’ll be a hit with your guests.

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