The Ultimate Fall Scavenger Hunt Guide

Scavenger hunt game sign outside

Fall is a great time of year to go and explore outside. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing, and animals are roaming around preparing to hibernate. That’s why Kids Activities Blog’s fall scavenger hunt is the perfect activity for your kiddos this fall. Whether you home school, want a fun family activity, or are a nanny, this free printable scavenger hunt will put a smile on every child’s face this fall.

Supplies for the Scavenger Hunt

For the scavenger hunt to be played you will need the scavenger hunt guide, a pencil, a bag to collect small items, a place where you will be able to observe nature, and your curiosity!

Some optional items you could include are a clipboard, where you could attach your pencil with a string, and binoculars. However, neither is needed to enjoy the scavenger hunt, but could aid in the process going faster. The binoculars could also really immerse your child in the activity.

What You’re Looking For

Some fall things you will be looking for include, a squirrel, a mushroom, seeds, a yellow, red, or brown leaf, acorns, berries, and a pinecone. There are some non-fall-related items as well, such as spiders, a tall tree, moss, a big rock, something soft, or a cloud. While fall is a fun season, it does take some claimants longer than others to start to change. Having some more generic options allows anyone to play the game.

Steps for the Scavenger Hunt

The first step for the scavenger hunt is to print it! After that, gather your supplies and head to the great outdoors to start the fun. You should try to find as many of the items as possible and remember to mark them off as you go. Once you have found everything you can, or you are just done looking, find a place outside or in your home to color the guide. Maybe have some fall snacks and a warm drink.

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The Picture Version

If your kiddo cannot read yet but still wants to join in, do not fret. The scavenger hunt comes with a picture version too! Whether you have big kids, little kids, or both, this fall activity truly is for the whole family.



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