Late Spring Activities For The Whole Family

Orange camping tents in pine tree forest by the lake
The spring season is winding down, and although summer doesn’t officially begin until later this month (June 21), we’ve already seen the temperatures climb up the thermostat. This transition period at the end of spring and start of summer brings the best of both seasons, just after the storms of springtime and before the sweltering heat of those long summer days. Take advantage of these pleasant days and enjoy some family activities fit for the end of spring.

Take a Hike

Whether it’s by the lake or winding through the woods, hiking trails offer a great escape from the everyday routine. Going on a hike lets you unplug for a while, breath in the fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you pay attention, you might even spot some of the local wildlife. There will be a lot of steps taken over the course of the hike, so make sure everyone’s hiking boots fit well to avoid blisters.

Collect and Paint Rocks

While the whole family’s on a hike or playing at the park, encourage them keep an eye out for some interesting rocks. The rocks your family finds could be the start of a collection, or even used in arts and crafts. When you get back home, bring out the craft supplies, clear a little space, and set up a studio to paint the rocks collected during the outing. The rocks will serve as blank canvases with their own unique dimensions, and their size, shape, and texture might lend inspiration to faces, patters, or other artistic flourishes.

Visit the Library

Even if your kids are years away from getting their driver’s license, a library card can be their ticket to unlimited exploration. If someone’s too young to read books on their own, they could come along to help pick out their next bedtime stories, while young readers can find some reading to keep their imaginations engaged throughout the summer. Learning doesn’t end when school bells ring for summer break, so talk to your kids about topics that interest them, then head to the library to let them discover more about their favorite subjects.

Go Camping

A change of scenery can be refreshing, and now that spring blooms are giving way to the full green of summer, it might be the perfect time for an outing into the great outdoors. Whether you want to set up a tent, tow a trailer, or book a cabin, camping in a scenic environment is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Pick a destination with easy access to your favorite outdoor activities, whether you and your family prefer hiking trails, fishing on the lake, or breathtaking views from elevated environs.

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