Is Your Car’s Air Conditioning Ready For Summer?

AC Knob

With summer in full swing, car air conditioners are working overtime on most days. But how can a driver keep their cars running efficiently and still stay cool this time of year? Here are some tips offered by Consumer Reports.

Try Not to Precool

A vehicle’s air conditioning system actually works better when the car is driving. The reason is the faster the engine turns the faster the AC compressor runs. This enables the system to cool more effectively. Another precooling idea motorists should consider is rolling down all the windows for the first 10 to 20 seconds of their drive. The cabin of a sitting car is hotter than the outside air, and lowering the windows will help let the hot air escape from the car’s cabin.

Consider Going Low

Lower temperatures can sometimes help a car be more fuel efficient. When the car is set to cool at a higher temperature it can force the system to reheat cooled air, which will take more fuel in the long run.

Do Not Recirculate

Drivers should ask passengers in the back to turn off the recirculation mode. Recirculation takes air from the front of the car and pulls it back through the system. Everyone may be staying cool up front but this will cause the people in the back to get stale and hot.

Turn Off the Stop/Start

New cars might feature an auto start/stop feature as part of their air conditioning system. Drivers should consider turning this function off. It can keep the compressor from running when the engine shuts off. In very hot weather, people will notice a lack of cool air very quickly, especially if they are stuck at a lengthy stoplight or in stop-and-go traffic.

Clean the Filter

Air filters need to be clean in order to do their job. Over time, filters can become clogged with dust and debris. If the air filter in a car is dirty it can interrupt airflow which will affect the car’s air conditioning.  When possible, motorists should have a trained technician examine their cabin air filter to be sure it looks okay.

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