Don’t Fall Behind On Your Car Care This Season

Hand is cleaning car headlight using a red microfiber cloth.

We’re heading into winter, and no one wants to think about the cold and dark months ahead. But you know what’s worse? Coming outside on a bitterly cold morning to discover that your vehicle isn’t in shape to take you to work or shopping or visiting relatives. Luckily, the folks at Consumer Reports have published a pretty extensive list of maintenance tasks to do in the fall so that you won’t have that nightmare scenario unfold. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from that list.

Check the Battery

This one is pretty simple: Your vehicle relies on its battery to do basic things like, you know, start your car. So pop the latch, raise the hood, and take a look at your battery connections. If they’re loose, tighten them. If there’s corrosion, now is the time to handle that. Corrosion means that your battery will hold less and less of its charge, which will eventually result in you needing to replace the battery. If you find corrosion, disconnect the cables from your battery and clean the connections with a wire brush or a connection-cleaning tool. If you see a lot of corrosion, it may be time to change your battery already.

Don’t Get Tired

Checking your tires is always a good idea. No one wants to be driving around in winter weather with bald tires. If you don’t know the tread test, here it is: Take a penny and point Lincoln’s head down. Insert the penny into your tire tread. If you can see Lincoln’s hair, it’s more than likely time to get your tires replaced. Be a responsible car owner and check your tires monthly. Also, as long as you’re looking, check the inner walls of the tires — the side you never really see — for bubbles or tears in the wall.

Light the Way

If you’re not afraid of applying a little elbow grease, you can make your headlights shine like they’re almost new. That’s good for you as a driver, and it’s also good for other folks who share the road with you, too. Cloudy lenses can impede your night vision on the road by up to an estimated 80 percent. If your headlights are hazy or cloudy, we advise investing in a cleaning kit and getting to work before the weather makes it more difficult.

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Need Service?

If your vehicle needs more service this fall than you’re comfortable doing yourself, make an appointment with us. We’ll take great care of your vehicle and return it to you just the way it should be.

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