Treat Yourself To A Meal At Strawberry Alley

Cheerful business owners standing with open blackboard
Strawberry Alley Ale Works isn’t simply a place to eat in downtown Clarksville; it’s a destination and a home away from home. In fact, incredible and delicious meals, live music, and games all make Strawberry Alley the spot for family time and friendly get-togethers. Here, there are no limits on local. Upstairs... [read more]

Thank Your Community Heroes In These Ways

An on duty law enforcement officer talks to a young toddler boy and his mother, giving the child a stuffed a bear
Our community heroes live and work among us every day. These people stand ready to assist when we have emergencies or need a helping hand. Their jobs can be so stressful, and we often do not see the difficulties behind the scenes. Fortunately, saying thank you is easy and will... [read more]

Test Drive A Used Car Like A Pro

Man signing car insurance document or lease paper
You might start your search for a used car online. While you can research a car’s features and ratings, it’s impossible to know if it’s right for you before going for a test drive. With the right test-driving strategy, you’ll know for sure if a vehicle is a good fit.... [read more]

7 Ways To Celebrate Independence Day At Home

roasting marshmallows over a campfire
Are you looking for ways to celebrate Independence Day but don’t want to go to an event? You can enjoy the Fourth of July at home with these celebration ideas. Go over seven tips for celebrating the Fourth of July at home. 1.      Show Your Patriotism With a Parade You can create... [read more]

Tee Off At The Three Best Clarksville Golf Courses

Golf ball sitting on a green with the flagstick nearby
There’s no shortage of amazing golf courses at your disposal when you live in Clarksville. You have limited time, though, so you don’t want to pick a course at random. You want to play at one of the best to ensure you have a blast. You’re sure to have a... [read more]

Smoke Up Some Chicken With These Tips

Roast chicken in pot
You might be a pro when it comes to barbecuing red meat, but chicken is another story. Chicken can be a bit of a challenge, often coming out dry and flavorless. Fortunately, you can improve your chicken grilling and smoking game in an instant by following some tips. Find out... [read more]

4WD Vs. AWD: Which Is Better For Me?

At first glance, you might think that all-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) are practically the same. However, they have some key differences that you need to explore before purchasing a vehicle. Compare AWD and 4WD to find out which one is right for your driving style. Everything You Need... [read more]

Cool Your Kids Off With These Water Games

Child stays cool in a heat wave by playing on slip and slide
You likely have fond memories of playing in the water as a kid, and now, you want your kids to have the same kind of fun. Add these entertaining water games to your itinerary this summer, so your kids can make a splash and have a blast. Make Your Own Slip... [read more]

On Trend: 7 Cabinet Colors For 2021

Picture of elegant kitchen furniture with solid wooden worktops
You can freshen up your kitchen in an instant by painting your cabinets. For the best results, choose one of the top cabinet color trends for 2021. If you go with one of these colors, your kitchen will look more modern, even if painting is the only thing you do! Slide... [read more]

Spice Up Your Avo Toast With These Recipes

Avocado toast on serving board
The days of putting butter on toast are long gone, as avocado is all the rage. At first, people simply spread some avocado on toast, but now, they are getting more and more creative. Check out some of these mouthwatering recipes for avocado toast. The Everything Bagel Avocado Toast If you want... [read more]