Visit Nashville To See A Sounds Game

Baseball glove on the wall with a major league stadium in the background

The Nashville Sounds are a hot choice this summer for entertainment. Whether you’re a lifelong Nashvillian or are planning a day trip, a visit to the ballpark is the ticket to good fun and yummy eats. And if you think the only game worth going to is a major league game, then you haven’t been to a minor league game. It’ll put you closer to the action at a fraction of the cost. Since 1978, the Nashville Sounds have played exciting pro ball in Nashville. Check out why you should grab your tickets this summer.

See the Up and Comers

Many hardworking baseball players move through the minor leagues and into the majors. Get a close-up on the talented stars of tomorrow at a minor league game. Since the Nashville Sounds did not play last season, players are raring to go and eager to show their stuff.

Affiliated with the Milwaukee Brewers this year, the Sounds have already sent several players up to the big leagues, and several more continue to impress. Aaron Ashby has looked solid so far this year with a respectable ERA and only one loss under his belt so far.

Get in Closer to the Game

Some of the seats in major league stadiums are so high up you can’t see the action without binoculars. If you have to watch the jumbotron because you can’t see the field, that’s no fun. The Sounds play in First Horizon Park, and you’ll love the vintage vibes — there are no bad seats in the house.

As we return to social settings, you’ll enjoy the Band Box, which lets you socialize during the game. And not that anyone would ever get bored — but if your kids do get bored — there’s a mini-golf course for those shorter attention spans.

Is It a Ballgame Without the Food?

You won’t have to rush out of your seat and hunt down a concession stand line to wait in at a Sounds game. But ballpark food and drinks make the experience better, so the stadium has four main concession stands, all with unique menus that are easy to get to. And these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill snacks, although they’ll have those, too. Try the Smokehouse BBQ or the Music City Grill for filling Nashville flavors.

If you’re in the mood for a snack, you can hit one of the smaller stands. Grab your favorite treats before the game starts or in between innings. And if you have a food allergy, talk to the concessions servers about your options.

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Don’t Sleep on This Hot Ticket

Celebrate what’s great about Nashville and take the family out for a night of exciting ball and delicious food. You can take part in America’s pastime without having to empty your wallet. And with a game every night except Mondays all summer, you can find time in your schedule to enjoy some quality baseball up close and personal. Go see the Sounds this week. You’ll love every minute of it.

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