Plan A Day Trip To Nashville With This Itinerary

Bearded Man Looking at Paintings in Art Gallery

You might think you know what Nashville’s all about. But if you haven’t explored beyond a few restaurants and the musical offerings, you’re missing out on a truly special city. The next time you have a free day, how about heading into Nashville and taking a detour off the beaten path? You’ll find treasures you never knew existed. But where should you start?

Get up and Get Downtown

Although there is so much more to Nashville than music and food, those aren’t the worst things to start with. Head downtown to to hear some tunes, and then, grab some good Southern home-cooked grub to fuel up for the day ahead.

Once you’ve topped off the tank, take a walk around and maybe wander into the world-famous Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. If you’ve already seen that Museum or you’re fast at touring, take a short walk from downtown to visit the former location of the Grand Ole Opry House.

Art and the Outdoors

If you’re unlikely to make it to Greece anytime soon, you can head over to Centennial Park. You’ll get to see a full-sized replica of the Parthenon, right in the center of the park. But this isn’t just an impressive building to see — it also houses an art gallery. You may not think of Nashville as a cultural center beyond the music. In fact, art galleries abound, and it’s unlikely you’ll have time in only one day to take them all in.

Kid-friendly Nashville

Entertain the kids with something you’ll also enjoy. First, stop by Madame Tussaud’s and check out the incredibly realistic wax figures. There’s also the Nashville Zoo, which features ziplining. You might have to take turns with your kid on the zipline.

Next, zoom on over to the Lane Motor Museum and check out every kind of car you can imagine. Finally, if you’ve got budding dramatists in the family, you can see what’s playing at the Nashville Children’s Theatre.

Sometimes planning a day around the kids can fall a bit flat for parents, but these kid-friendly Nashville treats will wow the whole family.

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Nothing Like Nashville

Whether it’s your first or your 20th trip to Nashville, you can make it a day of unique sights and experiences. Bring a thirst for adventure and your blue suede walking shoes to visit old favorites and new discoveries. Keep in mind that many things may close on Mondays, a holdover from the past. But whenever you come, you’ll find a welcoming city.

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