7 Ways To Celebrate Independence Day At Home

roasting marshmallows over a campfire

Are you looking for ways to celebrate Independence Day but don’t want to go to an event? You can enjoy the Fourth of July at home with these celebration ideas. Go over seven tips for celebrating the Fourth of July at home.

1.      Show Your Patriotism With a Parade

You can create your own parade right in your neighborhood. Decorate your family’s bicycles and wagons with American flags, patriotic streamers, and pinwheels. Then, take off around the neighborhood. Your neighbors will love the special display during the Fourth of July.

2.      Write Letters for Members of the Military

Show your appreciation to the men and women who serve by writing letters this Independence Day. The entire family can write letters thanking members of the military. Then, you can reach out to an organization, such as Operation Gratitude or Support Our Troops, to ensure your letters reach the men and women in uniform.

3.      Spread Patriotism Around the Neighborhood

You can stick close to home while spreading patriotism by hanging red, white, and blue paper carnations around the neighborhood. Make some carnations and hang on them on your neighbor’s doorknobs, so they can get in on in the celebration.

4.      Enjoy a Movie Marathon

You can enjoy some indoor time during Independence Day by taking in a patriotic movie marathon. Pop some popcorn and enjoy some movies like “Captain America,” “Saving Private Ryan,” and “Apollo 13.”

5.      Quiz Yourself on American History

Independence Day is the perfect time to find out how much you know about the nation’s history. Your family can write some trivia questions, and then you can test one another. Add some excitement by keeping score to see who knows the most American history.

Do you need a trivia question to stump the others? You can start by asking your family when Congress voted to declare the nation’s independence. Your family might answer that it occurred on July 4, but it was actually July 2, 1776.

6.      Make Patriotic S’mores Bars

You can add some flavor to the festivities by setting up patriotic s’mores bars. Start by dying marshmallows red, white, and blue. Then, set up s’mores bars of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Your family can celebrate while creating these delicious treats.

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7.      Sleep Under the Stars

You can also celebrate the country’s independence by enjoying a night under the stars. Set up a tent and fire pit in the backyard. Then, you can tell stories about the soldier’s lives during the Revolutionary War. Tell your kids about how the soldiers also slept in tents, although those tents were much more cramped and uncomfortable.

You don’t need to make plans to go somewhere to have a fantastic Independence Day. Use these tips to enjoy a memorable, fun, and patriotic Fourth of July.

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