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Don’t Overlook These Steps During Spring Cleaning

A woman clean a window pane with a rag and soap suds. Cleaning with a detergent. Hands in pink protective gloves washing glass on the windows of the house with a spray bottle, home routine.
It's that time of the year where we all get bit by the cleaning bug. It's important to keep your house clean and sometimes doing a deeper clean can benefit you more then you think. You're probably only thinking about cleaning the inside of your home, but what about the... [read more]

Hidden Gems For A Great Spring Break

Father, mother and daughter playing on the beach
If you haven't planned out your spring break adventure yet, check out these fun destination that might not have crossed your mind. Puerto Rico Sure, you could hop in your car and take a road trip to a beach along the coastline of the continental US, but why would you? Most stateside... [read more]

Have Dinner At Dock 17

Woman carrying burger
There’s no shortage of great food and fun hangouts in Clarksville. And one of those fantastic places is Dock 17 near The City Forum. From date nights to Sunday brunches, let Dock 17 be your dining destination. Having dinner at this Clarksville favorite is just the beginning. Secure Your Spot Dock 17 is... [read more]

Jump Around At Defy

Cute boy jumping on trampoline in entertainment center.
Whether you are trying to find somewhere to escape the remaining cold days of winter that is not home or you need to discover a place that allows your kids to exert all of their energy, you can find what you are looking for at DEFY Clarksville. DEFY offers a... [read more]

Enjoy A Home Cooked Meal With Your Sweetheart

Have you made your Valentine's Day plans yet? If not, you might have a hard time finding reservations at your favorite restaurant. But that's okay. You may find it better if you enjoy a home cooked meal with your sweetheart. So get out your apron and take a look at... [read more]

Enjoy Dinner At Chris’ Pizza Village

Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza
When you’re in the mood for pizza, you don’t have to check the freezer for a store-bought pie, because Clarksville is home to a prized pizza shop. Plan your visit to Chris’ Pizza Village for a mouth-watering meal! What’s Cooking? As the name implies, pizza is the name of the game at... [read more]

Perfect January Recipes

Close-up on male hands folding homemade hand pies
Start your year off right by trying out some fun new recipes! With new routines, it can be fun to try new food, and it is always good to spice up old ones with some fun new changes. No matter why you want some new recipes this year, here are... [read more]

When To Take Down Your Decorations

Young woman unpacked the Christmas Tree box and taking out the Christmas Tree from the cargo box in the her living room.
Christmas time has passed and the New Year has been rung in, but that does not stop us from wanting to keep the decorations up. In fact, after leaving such a festive time, the new year might seem boring, drab, or dreadful compared to the bright red and green of... [read more]

Tips For A Safe Holiday Season

A Christmas light smoking
The lights, decorations, and candles of the Holiday season make this time of year feel bright, glowing, and magical. However, it can also make this season more dangerous. According to the American Red Cross, Christmas decorations can increase the likelihood of a house fire, so follow these guidelines to keep... [read more]

Take Your Family To The Catfish House

Fried Catfish With Coleslaw and French Fries
Any restaurant that’s been open since the ‘70s must be doing something right, and you’re sure to see exactly what that is when you dine out at The Catfish House here in Clarksville. Getting Started When you’re ready to sit down and dig in, The Catfish House has you covered with a... [read more]