Hidden Gems For A Great Spring Break

Father, mother and daughter playing on the beach

If you haven’t planned out your spring break adventure yet, check out these fun destination that might not have crossed your mind.

Puerto Rico

Sure, you could hop in your car and take a road trip to a beach along the coastline of the continental US, but why would you? Most stateside beaches will be filled with people during spring break. Plus, the popular beaches, such as Panama City Beach, Florida, are known college destination that won’t be family friendly. Instead, get tickets to Puerto Rico and spend spring break sunning on the beach in Cabo Rojo. You’ll be able to explore the fortress at El Morro and the bioluminescent bay in Fajardo. If you’re wondering if you’ll need passports to spend spring break in Puerto Rico, the answer is no. The islands are a US commonwealth so if you don’t have a passport, you’re still good to go.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a great travel destination for families throughout the year and it’s only a three hour drive from Clarkesville, so it’s a great last minute destination for late planners. Your kids will be able to enjoy the Spring Break Safari as well as the Spring Break Scavenger Hunt that starts the first week of March and runs all the way through the first week of April. Chattanooga is also the home of a few train centric oddities that fans of locomotives will love. For instance, you can book a room at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel where you can sleep in an actual Pullman rail car.

Crystal Coast, North Carolina

Arg! There be pirates here. If your kids are into pirates, they’ll enjoy finding Blackbeard’s sunken treasure when you visit the North Carolina Maritime Museum. They’ll also go crazy for the huge North Carolina Aquarium. As for parents, you can relax and take in the sights along the 85-mile stretch of the gorgeous Crystal Coast beach. If you’d like to stay on the beach during your visit, Crystal Coast has a variety of accommodations at different price points. You can book a  beach side cottage of a room at the DoubleTree Atlantic Beach Oceanfront.

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Before You Go

If you plan to drive to your spring break destination, make sure to have your vehicle inspected before you go. Book an appointment with the service center at James Corlew Chevrolet.

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