Set Your Eyes On The Colors Of Fall At These Clarksville Spots

mother and her little daughter enjoying a walk outdoors
Clarksville is the perfect place to admire nature, especially in the fall. During this season, the leaves change colors and catch your eye. While you can admire autumn colors anywhere, some places are worth exploring. As such, visit these Clarksville spots and be in awe of the colors of fall. Back... [read more]

Make The Football Fans Go Crazy Over These Tailgate Recipes

Tailgate party spread with hot wings, pig in a blanket, nachos, pretzels, and popcorn with football and a football jersey.
The next time you go tailgating, make sure to bring enough food with you. Check out these recipes that are sure to be a hit with other football fans. Bacon Bow Tie Crackers If you want something simple to prepare, try this bacon bow tie crackers recipe. All you need are eight... [read more]

Treat Your Sweet Tooth At These Clarksville Dessert Spots

happy family enjoying time together in a cafe
When you have a craving for something sweet, you have a lot of choices in Clarksville. While the city has plenty of pastries, that’s not all. So, explore some of the best Clarksville dessert spots. Bethlehem Mexican Bakery Bethlehem Mexican Bakery is family-owned and operated. When you enter, you’ll see dozens of... [read more]

Don’t Forget To Keep Your Tires Rotated

New winter tires for sale in store
It’s very common for people to forget to keep their tires rotated. Possibly the most overlooked aspect of car maintenance, tire rotation is a simple way to extend the life of your tires. Keeping your tires rotated also ensures more even tread wear. Unevenly worn tires can make driving more... [read more]

Have Your Den Ready For Football Season

A group of young friends watching a sports football game
Here in the south, as fall approaches, that means two things — the heat is winding down and football season is cranking up. While some college football fans choose to head to their favorite campus for a true game day experience full of tailgating, live snaps, and delicious foods, others... [read more]

Visit Nashville To See A Sounds Game

Baseball glove on the wall with a major league stadium in the background
The Nashville Sounds are a hot choice this summer for entertainment. Whether you’re a lifelong Nashvillian or are planning a day trip, a visit to the ballpark is the ticket to good fun and yummy eats. And if you think the only game worth going to is a major league... [read more]

Grab A Bite At Liberty Park Grill

Fresh Crispy Pork Burgers in a row at Food Market
Enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding you at Liberty Park Grill. This eatery is a family-friendly landmark that serves delectable lunch and dinner entrees and various catering services. The scenic overlook of the Clarksville Marina keeps guests coming back to enjoy friendly service, a stunning view, and mouth-watering food. Lunch Lunch is served... [read more]

Discovering The Convenience Of Chevy MyWay

Woman surfing the internet while sitting on the couch
Chevy MyWay is bringing an interactive digital aspect to car buying that will change how you shop. Combining live tours and chat assistance, MyWay lets potential customers experience a tour with a live agent from the comfort of their own homes. The live, guided tour takes window shopping to a whole new... [read more]

Plan A Day Trip To Nashville With This Itinerary

Bearded Man Looking at Paintings in Art Gallery
You might think you know what Nashville’s all about. But if you haven’t explored beyond a few restaurants and the musical offerings, you’re missing out on a truly special city. The next time you have a free day, how about heading into Nashville and taking a detour off the beaten... [read more]

Treat Yourself To A Meal At Strawberry Alley

Cheerful business owners standing with open blackboard
Strawberry Alley Ale Works isn’t simply a place to eat in downtown Clarksville; it’s a destination and a home away from home. In fact, incredible and delicious meals, live music, and games all make Strawberry Alley the spot for family time and friendly get-togethers. Here, there are no limits on local. Upstairs... [read more]