Create A Great Garden With These Tips

Mature Couple Planting In Their Backyard.

Get your garden ready for spring the right way with these gardening tips from Better Home & Gardens, that will have your yard looking its best and will leave your neighbors impressed. When you start checking off items on your spring cleaning list make sure you don’t forget about your garden. You don’t have to accomplish everything in one day you can expand it over several days so you’re not overwhelmed.

Spring Gardening Tips

Clean Flower Bed. Start by removing any dead leaves or plants from your garden before you plant the new flowers. By removing the dead plants and flowers you can control the spread of seeds, and it also improves the overall appearance of your yard.

Add Fresh Mulch. To ensure that your garden grows make sure you add fresh mulch. During the winter months your mulch can dry and won’t be as effective, so make sure you have fresh mulch ready. Spread it evenly and don’t layer it too thick or too close to the flowers.

Prune Trees And Shrubs. For a more maintained appearance make sure you prune your trees and shrubs. By pruning the shrubs and trees before they bloom can help take the stress of the plants and helps them have a fuller bloom.

Clean Outdoor Furniture. Once you’ve gotten you plants and flowers settled its time to focus on the outdoor furniture. Make sure you wipe it down and get it looking as good as new, so that its ready when you want to enjoy a day outside.

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Beautiful Garden For Spring

These tips are great if you need help getting your garden back in order for the spring. Pace yourself and break each item down, so you can accomplish more. Grab your gardening tools and get to work making sure you have the most beautiful garden around. If you knock these chores out early you can enjoy the rest of the season with ease. Don’t put off fixing your garden up for the spring season, get ahead of the summer heat and have full and vibrant garden in no time.

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