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Celebrate National Hot Dog Day With These Recipes

hot dogs
Fans of hot dogs will be pleased to learn that this iconic food has its own day. It’s true. National Hot Dog Day is on July 20. And hot dogs are one of those foods that everyone in Clarksville, from the youngest kiddos to the grandparents, seems to enjoy. To... [read more]

Enjoy Tunes & Eats At Edward’s Steakhouse

Delicious Tagliata Steak on granite board
Edward’s Steakhouse in downtown Clarksville is a restaurant you’ll want to go back to over and over again. Run by a local family who couldn’t stand to see the vision for this restaurant end when its predecessor closed, this place helps keep the spirit of downtown Clarksville alive. Edward’s Steakhouse... [read more]

Smoke Up Some Chicken With These Tips

Roast chicken in pot
You might be a pro when it comes to barbecuing red meat, but chicken is another story. Chicken can be a bit of a challenge, often coming out dry and flavorless. Fortunately, you can improve your chicken grilling and smoking game in an instant by following some tips. Find out... [read more]

Spice Up Your Avo Toast With These Recipes

Avocado toast on serving board
The days of putting butter on toast are long gone, as avocado is all the rage. At first, people simply spread some avocado on toast, but now, they are getting more and more creative. Check out some of these mouthwatering recipes for avocado toast. The Everything Bagel Avocado Toast If you want... [read more]

Toss Up A Salad Or Two This Season

Kale and Romaine Pasta Caesar Salad
This is the perfect season for salads, so why not whip one up? Not only are salads light and packed with tons of nutrients, but they’re usually pretty easy to make. If you have a busy lifestyle and are always on the go, salads are ideal. Plus, if you choose... [read more]

You’ll Love These Tea Drinks A Latte

Tasty chai latte in glass on dark background.
Sure, everyone loves a hot cup of coffee in the morning. But if you’re looking for something a little less strong or you just want to change up your hot drink game, then you may want to explore the world of tea. Don’t think that means you have to settle... [read more]

Silke’s Old World Breads Is Calling Your Name!

Close-up of fresh baked sourdough bread.
Clarksville Tennessee has so much more to offer than the southern food you may be used to. At Silke’s Old World Breads, you can enjoy the taste of Europe. Hand-shaped, made-from-scratch bread, pastries, schnitzel, and so much more can be found at this Clarksville gem. History Of Silke’s Old World Breads Silke’s... [read more]

Filling Side Dishes To Make For Your Holiday Dinner

Mashed sweet potatoes in bowl.
The holidays are here and that means it's time to break out all your best recipes for your family. There is nothing better than having multiple side dishes to choose from at the dinner table during your holiday feast. If you are looking to add some side dishes to your... [read more]

Enjoy A Cozy Morning With These Delicious Breakfast Ideas

Pumpkin pancakes with honey and pumpkin seeds in plate on white wooden background.
Isn’t fall such a nice time of year? Once the weather starts getting chilly, everything feels cozier. You may be staying at home more, but it’s because that’s where you would rather be. That means that you should learn how to make yourself some delicious meals you can enjoy in... [read more]

Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Latte From Home

Woman holding pumpkin spice latte
When fall finally rolls around, you know what time it is: time for a pumpkin spice latte. It’s the most delicious drink of the season, and it only comes around once a year. But because of that, you might find yourself ordering more of these from your local coffee shop... [read more]