Celebrate National Hot Dog Day With These Recipes

hot dogs

Fans of hot dogs will be pleased to learn that this iconic food has its own day. It’s true. National Hot Dog Day is on July 20. And hot dogs are one of those foods that everyone in Clarksville, from the youngest kiddos to the grandparents, seems to enjoy. To celebrate National Hot Dog Day, try one of these recipes to jazz up an old reliable.

A Traditional Loaded Hot Dog

Craft hot dogs as good as the ones you’d get at the county fair with this easy recipe. Whip up your family’s favorite chili, or grab some ready-made from the store. Roast your dogs on the grill for amazing flavor, or pop them into the oven. Remember, you can elevate any hot dog with an artisan pretzel or sesame seed bun. Then shred some sharp cheddar cheese, and don’t forget the classic mustard, relish, and ketchup. Add a few dill pickles on the side and enjoy.

A Whole Meal on a Hot Dog Bun

This hot dog recipe calls for lots of side dishes – with a twist. You can use all store-bought or go the extra mile and craft your own recipes for creamy coleslaw and macaroni and cheese. Next, fry up top-quality bacon, and crumble some blue cheese. Finally, combine it all. Top your hot dog with a layer of mac and cheese, a strip of bacon, and blue cheese crumbles. Throw a dollop of coleslaw on top. You’ll be surprised how well all the flavors meld together.

Tex-Mex Fun on a Bun

The great thing about the hot dog is how versatile it is. You can swap out a few ingredients and end up with entirely different food. Gather your dogs and buns for a Tex-Mex take that’ll wow everyone. Add some shredded Monterey Jack cheese or a blend of cheeses. Then make some fresh corn salsa, and roast some jalapeños on the grill. Slice the jalapeños, and add all your toppings to the hot dog. Drizzle with lime-cilantro mayonnaise for the finishing touch.

You’ll Want a Pizza Dawg

Swap your usual mustard and ketchup for pizza sauce, and grab the shredded mozzarella. Grill up your favorite dog, add the sauce, mozzarella, sliced green onions, and a grilled onion and pepper mix. Or get the Italian flavor and serve these with a side of antipasto.

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Go the Extra Mile

The great thing about hot dogs is that they’re so easy to prepare. But you can take a few extra steps and elevate your hot dogs to fine cuisine. Besides the above recipes, think about the type of bun you’re using. In addition, you can vary the hot dog. Most of these recipes are even vegetarian-friendly. We think you’ll love these hot dog options so much that you’ll want to celebrate all year round.

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