Silke’s Old World Breads Is Calling Your Name!

Close-up of fresh baked sourdough bread.

Clarksville Tennessee has so much more to offer than the southern food you may be used to. At Silke’s Old World Breads, you can enjoy the taste of Europe. Hand-shaped, made-from-scratch bread, pastries, schnitzel, and so much more can be found at this Clarksville gem.

History Of Silke’s Old World Breads

Silke’s story began in 1999 after the Silke family returned from Germany. The Silkes would visit Germany frequently and would spend time in the European bakeries admiring the wonderful treats, dreaming of the day they could open their own bakery. Mrs. Silke had already been baking bread for her family and friends and knew the time was close to make her dream come true. In 2000 the Silkes decided it was time to make their dream a reality and created Silke’s Old World Breads. Since then Silke’s has grown into a local favorite.

Voted Best In Clarksville

Not only does Silke’s have a diverse and delicious menu, but they were also voted Best in Clarksville for their bakery, German dishes, favorite family restaurant, and best place for a healthy menu. Between their artisan breads, rolls, pastries, cookies, coffee cakes, and tortes, you won’t know where to begin when visiting. Silke’s never uses frozen dough, additives, or preservatives. If you have never had German food before, we highly suggest starting out at Silke’s Old World Breads. Schnitzel, bratwurst, german cakes, and more can be found here. Everything is made in-house and won’t disappoint. Not only is their food absolutely delicious, but they also have a play area that your children can enjoy while you get a taste of Europe.

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Stop By Today

If you are ready to try something new, stop by Silke’s Old World Breads the next time you get a chance. Get a taste of Europe with their delicious hand-made food! You can order online and even find their famous bread in other local spots. Take a look at their hours and locations online so you know when to stop in and enjoy a fresh-made meal!

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