Enjoy The Taste Of New Orleans At Roux Americajun Restaurant And Bar

Roux Americajun

You have a hankering for some Cajun cuisine, but you don’t want to make the drive to New Orleans. That’s no longer necessary. You can enjoy New Orleans-style cuisine right here in Clarksville at Roux Americajun Restaurant and Bar. This restaurant celebrates the complex flavors of New Orleans cooking and offers some twists on your favorite fare. Get the scoop, and get ready to dig into some of the best food you’ve ever eaten.

Enjoy Family Recipes

Restaurant owners Greg and Theresa Shea hail from New Orleans, so they didn’t have to look far to get the recipes for this restaurant. They hand-selected some of their favorite authentic New Orleans family recipes. With each one, they start with the roux. They note that’s the foundation of Cajun cooking. It thickens and seasons the dishes, making them delicious.

The chefs make the food in stages to ensure that diners can taste all the complex flavors. Instead of being extremely spicy, everything is extremely flavorful.

So Much Good Food

Everything is good on this menu, so what should you get?

Let’s start with the fried catfish. It has just enough spice to make it flavorful, and it just might be the best fried catfish you’ve ever eaten. It turns out that catfish with a New Orleans twist is just better.

Oh, and how about that red beans and rice? This is true red beans and rice, not that stuff that you make at home. You haven’t had this dish until you’ve eaten it with all the Cajun spices and flavors.

Then there’s the Bayou Sampler. How can you pass up crawfish etouffee, jambalaya, red beans and rice, and boudin boulettes? Of course, you’ll also get your French bread to soak up all that sauce.

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A Cool Design

It’s not just about the food at this eatery. It’s also a cool place to eat. It sits inside a renovated historic building, and the owners worked hard to preserve the building’s most notable features. The end result is a hip place to grab a meal with your friends. From the speakeasy-era furniture (straight from Union Station in Nashville) to the 100-year-old crystal chandelier, no detail was spared. The restaurant even has the building’s original brick walls.

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