Tennessee Holiday Gift Guide

Tennessee Holiday Gift Guide

Remember when the holidays were just fun and easy? You made a list of what you wanted, and then those items magically appeared under the tree on Christmas morning. Now, things are a little more difficult. Instead of making a list, you have to find the perfect items to buy for your family and friends. Take the stress out of this holiday season by picking up some Tennessee-made products. These items make the perfect holiday gifts.

Whiskey-Soaked Treats from Lynchburg Cake and Candy Company

Have a friend that has a sweet tooth but also likes to drink? Lynchburg Whiskey Cake from the Lynchburg Cake and Candy Company is the perfect holiday gift. The owners came up with this cake by perfecting a 135-year-old family recipe. You can also find some homegrown whiskey in other treats, such as the Lynchburg Whiskey Praline Balls. Just be warned. If you give this gift to one of your friends, he or she might disappear until the New Year.

Tasty Treats from Colt’s Chocolates

What if your friend or family member has a sweet tooth but prefers chocolate without whiskey? A trip to Colt’s Chocolates is in order. First things first. This place is owned and operated by Mackenzie Colt from Hee Haw fame. That’s cool in itself, but you’ll really be amazed by how good the treats are. The chocolate-covered marshmallows are a hit with anyone who has a sweet tooth. If your loved one prefers something with a little kick, you can’t go wrong with the smoked jalapeno candy bars.

Cast Iron Skillets from Lodge Cast Iron

Everyone has that one friend or family member that loves to cook. You know the kind. That person is always in the kitchen, whipping up the best dishes around. You can put a huge smile on that persons’ face by getting a cast-iron product from Lodge Cast Iron. This company is located in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, and people from all over use its products. Its seasoned cast iron products are the best in the business, and they make everything taste better.

Jam and Biscuits from Nashville Jam Company

Do you know someone who loves a traditional southern breakfast? Then a gift from the Nashville Jam Company is in order. Grab a gift crate that doesn’t just have the tasty jam but also has biscuit mix. Your friend or family member will love digging into that crate on a lazy weekend morning. Who knows? You might even get an invite for breakfast. Now that’s a great reason to order a gift.

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A Little Bit of Anything From Tennessee Gifts

Not sure what to get? Let Tennessee Gifts take care of it for you. This company creates gift baskets full of items made in Tennessee. They even take special requests. Shopping is so easy when you use this place.

You are about to do some shopping for your family and friends. But don’t forget about yourself. You’ve been good this year, and you deserve a new car, truck, or SUV from James Corlew Chevrolet in Clarksville, Tennessee. Then, you can use your holiday gift to take you from one shop to the next.

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