Go Loco Over These Clarksville Tacos

Street Style Chicken Tacos

Do you go crazy over tacos? If so, you’re sure to go wild at Taco Loco in Clarksville. The smell will hit you as soon as you step foot in the parking lot, where you might encounter the team grilling meat, and it only gets stronger when walking through the door. Then you’ll be treated to a massive menu of fusion-style tacos. And as good as the restaurant smells, the tacos taste even better. Learn a bit more about Taco Loco to see why it’s one of the best places to eat in town.

Delicious Fusion-style Tacos

To understand Taco Loco’s fusion-style menu, you have to go back to its roots. Husband and wife Patrick and Natcha Williams decided to open a restaurant with Natcha’s brother, Tony Villafane. But they didn’t want just any restaurant. Instead, they wanted it to represent each owner’s heritage: the Caribbean for Patrick, Thai for Natcha, and Spanish and Asian for Tony. That’s when they came up with the idea for Taco Loco’s fusion-style tacos. The trio tested their idea, and the tacos were a hit. Thus, Taco Loco was born.

Now, you can choose from a variety of unique tacos, such as the Philly Cheese Taco and the Loco Taco. The team loads each one to the brim with ingredients, so they have to use soft shells here. The hard shells aren’t strong enough to hold it all together.

Oh, and once you work through the menu of tacos, you can go back through and order bowls. The bowls are truly just as delicious as the tacos, and that’s saying something.

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Freshness Every Time

Taco Loco’s owners stock the kitchen with fresh ingredients. In fact, the owners often run to the nearest grocery store to replenish the stock in the middle of shifts. They don’t buy in bulk and freeze ingredients, which is another reason the food here is so good. Fresh ingredients always taste better, and Taco Loco delivers on that front.

Taco Loco is easily one of the unique restaurants in the Clarksville region. It’s also one of the tastiest, so stop by for a delicious meal today.

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