Encourage Your Kid To Tackle Their Summer Reading List

Little girl reading a book

School is out and the summer vacation has started. If it’s up to your kids, they’ll spend the summer enjoying a few extra hours of sleep, video gaming, and binge-watching their favorite cartoons. All these things are wonderful in moderation and we think a little indulgence in summertime freedom is great, but finding ways to help them keep their mind sharp throughout the summer is important too. One way to do that is with reading, so here are a few tips to help you encourage your child to tackle their summer reading list.

Make Library Trips Part of Your Summer Routine

Kick off the summer with a trip to the library and include a weekly or bi-weekly visit in your summer routine. You can let your kids browse the shelves at the local library and they’ll be more likely to read the books they pick out themselves. Plus, the Clarksville Montgomery County Public Library has a full schedule of kid-friendly activities. You can schedule your visit around the weekly Children’s Craft Time or Sensory Story Time. If you have older children they may enjoy the Teen Gaming Night.

Pick Fun Chapter Books

While you’re at the library,  pick out a few fun chapter books. Chapter books are easy to digest since they’re broken down into bite-sized chunks already. They’re also a great teaching tool. You and your child can take turns reading a chapter. They’ll learn from listening and reading along when it’s your turn to read. Then when it’s their turn, they’ll get to practice sounding out words and recognizing sight words.

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Celebrate When You Finish a Book

When you’ve completed a book, take some time to acknowledge the accomplishment with a celebration. One great idea for celebration is having a movie night. If the book has been adapted into a movie or a show, you can pop some popcorn and stream it once you’ve finished. If not, find other ways to bring the experience to life. Was there interesting food in the book? Have fun trying to recreate it in the kitchen. If it was set during a historical era, explore a museum about that time period. There are plenty of ways that you can get inventive. For instance, after reading Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, by Richard Scarry, you can plan a visit to James Corlew Chevrolet.

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