Have Your Den Ready For Football Season

A group of young friends watching a sports football game

Here in the south, as fall approaches, that means two things — the heat is winding down and football season is cranking up. While some college football fans choose to head to their favorite campus for a true game day experience full of tailgating, live snaps, and delicious foods, others will gather with friends and family in their living room to watch the game from the big screen. If you want to ensure your den is gameday-proof, check out these tips for prepping your living space just in time for the opening weekend of college football.

Plan For Traffic Flow

While some stay glued to the couch to enjoy every play and soak in every commercial, others take many bathroom and snack breaks during the duration of a three to four-hour football game. To ensure your space is equipped for movement, you will want to ensure there is plenty of room to move around. After all, you don’t want friends and family to feel cramped during the big game, so arrange your furniture in a way to maximize space, whether that’s for celebrating, snacking, or on the dreaded days, throwing a little bit of a tantrum.

Maximize Seating

Besides running out of snacks, the next worst thing that can happen when hosting a watch party is not having enough seats. If you have a tiny loveseat and a few chairs, it may be time for an upgrade. Depending on your space, you can invest in an “L” shaped couch, two larger couches, or several chairs to elevate the moment and ensure everyone is focused on the game, the main competition, rather than fighting over seats.

Light Up the Game

No one wants to doze off when their favorite team is carrying the game, so make sure the living room is properly lit, whether that’s for a morning, afternoon, or evening kick-off. During the day, you can utilize windows and lamps to provide light, while during the evening, you will need to make sure your overhead lights are ready to go.

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Provide Table Surfaces

To rest their feet and enjoy snacks and beverages, make sure you have a few tables around. Grab some coasters as well to ensure your tables aren’t left with rings from sweating drinks.

Make a touchdown with these living room tips this football season!

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