Get More Creative With Your Resolutions


Do you tend to set the same New Year’s resolutions every year, but you end up falling short? That’s so common. Probably the most typical New Year’s resolution is to get into a good workout routine, but every year, people find themselves falling off the bandwagon in the middle of February. If those resolutions aren’t working for you, maybe you need to change the way you’re thinking about resolutions in general. So, instead of going with your typical goals, check out these unique New Year’s resolutions that can get you on track to setting – and reaching – your goals. Then, you’ll have the confidence to move forward with brand-new ones!

Break a Record

You don’t have to be super talented to break a world record – you just have to be creative. There are so many different records out there that you can break. Just take a look at your options and go for something fun. Whether you want to travel all across the world or just want to learn a new skill, breaking a record is a fantastic way to bring some fun and meaning into your new year.

Try a New Food Every Week

Are you the type of person who always eats the same thing day after day? That can get boring after a while. And since there are so many different types of foods out there, you may want to try expanding your horizons. Therefore, you could set a goal to try a new food every week. Not only is this not too much of a struggle, but it’s also fun. You never know what you’re going to taste next when you take on this challenge.

Get Your Finances in Order

Something that more people should be setting goals for in the next year? Their finances. So many people have outstanding debt, low credit scores, or other financial issues. It can be daunting to face these issues head-on, but it’s a crucial step to take if you want to ensure your success with money in the future. So why not go ahead and sort out some of your financial worries? Your wallet will thank you.

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Accept Your Body

If you’re constantly setting goals to lose weight or change the way your body looks, you may want to ask yourself if the goal you should really be setting is learning to love your body. Take steps in the new year to boost your body confidence, and you’ll feel better than you would if you were to lose 20 pounds on the spot.

Try these fun ideas this new year!

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