5 All-Weather Floor Mats That Will Keep Your Vehicle Clean This Summer

Dirty car floor mats of black rubber under passenger seat in the workshop for the detailing vehicle before dry cleaning. Auto service industry. Interior of sedan.

While it’s nearly impossible to keep your car 100% clean all of the time, there are quite a few nifty products that you can use to keep things cleaner longer and make cleaning easier when it’s necessary. All-weather floor mats are one of those products – they’re rubber, so they protect the carpeting in your car and are easy to hose off with some soap and water when they eventually get dirty. Check out these all-weather floor mat options for a cleaner car year-round.

MotorTrend Rubber Floor Mats

These mats are well-made and built to last. They’re made of odorless EVA rubber that’s environmentally friendly and toxin-free. They are trimmable, so you can cut them to fit your car. Plus, there’s a piece for the rear-middle seat, which not every kit includes.

Oxgord Rubber Floor Mats

The Oxgord mats are a great value-buy. They’re made well from heavy-duty rubber, fully customizable, and non-slip. Even better – they’re stain-resistant, trap dirt and debris, and come in two color options.

WeatherTech AllWeather Floor Mats

These premium mats tick almost every box – they’re made from a 100% recyclable material, they trap fine debris and dirt, and they’re free from PVC, lead, and cadmium. The rubber-like material means these mats are low-odor and resistant to curling and cracking. This set doesn’t include rear mats, so be sure to order everything you need.

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Mats

We love this set because it includes a piece for the rear-middle seat, and has full footwell coverage on the driver’s side. Plus, they have StayPut cleats to help keep them from shifting around as your vehicle moves. Oh, and these mats have a lifetime guarantee. What’s not to love?

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BDK Metallic Rubber Floor Mats

These are the perfect mats for those who want to show off their unique style and keep their floors clean. Their rugged design helps trap spills, dust, and dirt, and they can be trimmed to size in some cases. A nibbed backing helps secure these mats to your floor.

Which mats will you choose to help your car clean this year?

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