Cool Your Kids Off With These Water Games

Child stays cool in a heat wave by playing on slip and slide

You likely have fond memories of playing in the water as a kid, and now, you want your kids to have the same kind of fun. Add these entertaining water games to your itinerary this summer, so your kids can make a splash and have a blast.

Make Your Own Slip ‘n Slide

You can make a slip ‘n slide for the kids to enjoy this summer. Use a plastic tablecloth for the slip ‘n slide, and then use tent stakes to secure it. Pour some water on the tablecloth and let the kids take off. If you want to increase the slipping and sliding, add tear-free shampoo. The tablecloth will get even slicker, upping the excitement.

Water Balloon Toss

Kids love water balloons, but parents don’t always like to let them play with them since they can make a mess. You can control the action without limiting the fun by adding a water balloon toss to the activity menu this summer. Make the water balloons and hand them out to your kids. Have them stand a couple of feet apart and toss them to each other. The kids need to take a step back after successfully catching the water balloons. Keep going until a balloon breaks. Then, start over.

Water Balloon Piñata

You can keep the fun going with a rousing game of water balloon piñata. Tie some water balloons to a string and blindfold your kids. Give the first child a plastic bat so he or she can swing at the balloons. Keep going until all the balloons explode, and the kids are soaking wet.

Spray Bottle Tag

Kids love playing tag, but it can get too hot in Clarksville to enjoy it. Fortunately, they can have fun playing when they use spray bottles. Fill spray bottles with water and hand them out to kids. Whoever is it will run around and try to spray the other kids. Whenever a kid gets sprayed on, he or she becomes the “it” and has to chase the other kids.

Hit the Target

If you have a kiddie pool, fill it with water and place Frisbees upside down. Then, give your kids sponges and have them try to hit the Frisbees. They earn a point every time their sponges land in a Frisbee. You can keep score or just let the kids have fun playing.

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Blind Taste Test

Do you remember the old taste tests, when consumers would be asked to taste different soft drinks and guess the brand? You can have your own taste test outside. Get different flavors of water, and then blindfold your kids. Have them taste the waters and guess what they are. Along with having some fun, you can keep your kids hydrated during the heat of summer.

These water activities will help your kids have tons of fun this summer. Get your supplies and then set up the activities for your little ones.

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