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Have Dinner At Dock 17

Woman carrying burger
There’s no shortage of great food and fun hangouts in Clarksville. And one of those fantastic places is Dock 17 near The City Forum. From date nights to Sunday brunches, let Dock 17 be your dining destination. Having dinner at this Clarksville favorite is just the beginning. Secure Your Spot Dock 17 is... [read more]

Enjoy A Delicious Burger At Mickey’s Downtown

Burger with a cutlet of murbled beef with cheddar cheese, bacon, spicy chili sauce, cucumber and tomato, in a white bun with sesame seeds served
If you are tired of eating at the same food joints, then you need to try Mickey’s. Conveniently located in the Clarksville downtown area, Mickey’s offers great food and a great atmosphere no matter who you are. Starters When you arrive at Mickey’s you can start your meal with some delectable appetizers... [read more]

Find Your Way To Clarksville’s Own Rotisserie Chicken Restaurant

roasted chicken with vegetables
Rotisserie chickens are popular these days, and this method is excellent for making the chicken juicy and tender. But there is a lengthy process to creating the perfect flavor in each bite. Few places take the time and effort to create an unforgettable eating experience as Smokin Chikin does. Make... [read more]

Order Up: Sweet P’s Southern Style Breakfast

biscuits and gravy with breakfast foods
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you want to do it right. That won’t be a problem when you dine at Sweet P’s Southern Style in Clarksville, TN. It serves breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays and is also open for lunch every day of... [read more]