Get Ready For Riverfest Weekend


You’ve been counting down the days and it’s almost here. Yep, it’s almost time for Riverfest in Clarksville. Head to the Cumberland River on Sept. 6–8 for live music, competitions, tasty food, and fun activities. This is going to be one of the hottest events in Clarksville, so make sure you attend.

Check out the highlights so you’ll know what to expect when you head to the river.

Sister Hazel – A Headliner to Remember

So, it must be hard to get big bands to play at Riverfest, right? Nope, not at all. The organizers landed one of the biggest bands around. Sister Hazel is making its Riverfest debut this year, and the people of Clarksville can’t help but feel excited. Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan announced the good news at the beginning of July, and that announcement has helped create a lot of buzz for the festival.

This band has been a chart-topper on both the Billboard adult alternative and country charts for more than 20 years, so you know it has lots of hits. Come and see the band on the Miller Lite Stage in McGregor Park on Sept. 8. They’ll hit the stage at 9:15 p.m.

Engage in a Little Competition

Riverfest isn’t just about sitting back and listening to chart-topping music. It’s also about getting a little wild. This year’s festival will have two water competitions that are sure to be hits.

First, there will be Rally on the Cumberland. This event is back by popular demand for the sixth year in a row. If you participate, you’ll compete in an epic canoe race down the Cumberland River. You’ll race for six miles, and you’ll have the chance to race in the singles or doubles division. You’ll also be placed in a division based on your age and canoeing skills. The race will take place on Sept. 9, and it’s $20 per adult paddler. Kids ages 13–17 only pay a $10 entry fee.

The Riverfest Regatta is also coming back for another year. This will be its 12th year in a row, and it’s expected to be just as popular as ever. Make a boat of cardboard or another approved material and hit the river. This 100-yard race will take place on Sept. 8, and it will also have multiple categories. Government officials get in for $10, while youth and adults can register for $15. Businesses, churches, and civic organizations can race for $25.

The Juried Art Show

It wouldn’t be a Riverfest without a juried art show. Once again, local artists can compete as professionals, amateurs, youth, or seniors. The art will be displayed on Sept. 6. If you want to show off your art, be sure to register by Aug. 22.

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