Perfect Princess Tea Party

Princess Tea Party

Do you have a special little princess in your life? Take her to the Perfect Princess Tea Party on Jan. 27. There will be two sessions available. The first session runs from noon to 3 p.m. and the second session goes from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. There are 200 tickets available for each session, and tickets cost $45 a person. This is your child’s chance to meet a Disney princess, so get your tickets now while they’re still available.

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About the Tea Party

So, what do you get if you attend this tea party? Well, first, it’s important to know that the princess of honor is Moana. Yes, the Moana from the 2016 film. She won’t be the only princess there, but she will be the big one. If your child is a Moana fan, she is going to be in heaven at this party.

Your little princess will get to meet her favorite princess at the party, and she’ll also enjoy a fancy tea with both tea foods and desserts. On top of that, the princesses will perform. You’ll feel like you are at a Disney performance when you watch the princesses take the stage.

Your child will also get to join in the fun by dressing as her favorite characters. Your daughter can dress as Moana, or she can dress up like Snow White or another favorite princess. She can also forget about going as a specific character and just dress up as a princess. There aren’t any major rules, but dressing up as some type of princess is encouraged.

Upgrade to VIP

If you want your daughter to have the experience of a lifetime, consider upgrading to a VIP ticket. This comes with extras, including a princess photo, CD, and tea set. Your princess will have lots of wonderful keepsakes to take with her so she’ll also be able to remember the event.

If you’re going to meet a princess, you have to look the part. You can’t roll up to the Princess Tea Party in a jalopy. Instead, you need a new vehicle from James Corlew Chevrolet Cadillac in Clarksville, Tennessee. Our vehicles are fit for royalty, so you will feel like a Windsor when you arrive.

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