Panic! At The Disco In Nashville

Panic! At The Disco Nashville

Flying pianos. Beams of light that look like UFOs. A bassline that makes you want to dance. It must be a Panic! At the Disco concert. Panic! At the Disco is making a stop at the Bridgestone Arena as part of its Pray for the Wicked tour. They’ll roll up on Jan. 25, and tickets start at $136. Pick up your tickets, and prepare to be wowed.

Need some reasons to see the band? Check these out.

The Showmanship

No one can deny that Brendon Urie knows how to put on a show. You know he’s a great pianist, but his skills sound even better when he’s playing the piano while soaring through the air. And you know he has some moves, but you haven’t seen anything until you watch him complete a backflip onstage. Add in some trap doors, an amazing light show, and confetti, and you’ll feel like you’re at the best party ever.

Hitting the High Notes

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Urie is just about the special effects. His vocal range is insane, and when he hits those high notes, your mouth will drop open. Just wait for the song “Say Amen (Saturday Night).” It’s unbelievable.

The Song Catalog

Panic! At the Disco has lots of songs to choose from, and it selects some of the best for the concert. The band plays close to 30 songs in all, ranging from the early years to today. You’ll even get to listen to deep cuts, along with the band’s rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

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The Band

Don’t forget about the band. Panic! At the Disco has brought in a horn section and a three-piece orchestra for this tour, and it really fills out a stadium. Just wait until you hear “Nine in the Afternoon.” The violins make the song. Then, there is “High Hopes,” where the horn section stands out.

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