Pick Up Painting In 2021 With These Tips For Beginners

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Have you ever wanted to create a true work of art? Learning how to paint can be fun and therapeutic. Though, it is not something you should jump into without a few tips. Check out these pointers from Craftsy to learn what you’ll need to make your version of the Mona Lisa.

Getting Started

These tips are to be used when painting on a canvas. Canvas is a quality material to paint on, but you’ll need the right type of paint and brushes to create your masterpiece.  Look for acrylic and oil-based paint as well as acrylic and oil paint brushes so that you have all of the quality materials you’ll need. Once you have gathered the right supplies, get it set up in the space you choose to work in. Pick a space with plenty of room and natural light. You’ll also need to decide if you want to create your painting on an easel or if you would rather it lay on a flat surface. Once you decide and have everything set up, you are ready to start painting.

Begin With The Background

The first tip is to pick a background color to set the tone of your new creation. The background color should fit the theme of what you are painting. If you are painting a bright and happy piece, you may go with a light yellow or gold. If you are painting something more moody and dark, you may go with a gray. It is easier to get started with a background color that fits your theme than the original white of the canvas.

Give Your Piece Depth

Underpainting is a term in art. What it means is that you create an outline of your work with a color that contrasts your piece. This won’t be seen necessarily when you are done, but it will help give your painting more depth and dimension. This technique can take your painting to the next level.

Don’t Be Afraid

Painting is art. Art is open to interpretation. Don’t be too hard on yourself, especially if you are a beginner. Painting is meant to be fun and allows you to express your creativity. Don’t be afraid to try new things and take risks with your work.

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