4 Fun Ways To Make Your Vehicle Smell Better

Car air freshener

There is nothing worse than a lingering smell in your vehicle. Everything from fast food to pets leave long-lasting odors. Try these four simple ways to air things out and get that new car smell!

Dryer Sheets

Do you love the smell of clean laundry? Your car will smell fresh like towels right out of the dryer when you leave an opened box of dryer sheets under your seats. You can also wipe down your upholstery with a dryer sheet to add to the scent. This is a cheap option to instantly enhance your cars odor for a small price.

A Sock Full Of Coffee

You don’t have to go to Starbucks to get that coffeehouse aroma. Perk up with a sock or two full of coffee beans (ground coffee will work also). Just add the coffee beans in a sock, tie it at the top so nothing spills out, and stick it under your front seats. Add additional socks for a stronger aroma. Your passengers are sure to appreciate this extra jolt.

Essential Oils

Add the visual factor to your next DIY air freshener with this great idea from Julie at Frugally Blonde. You will need decorative ribbon, a cotton ball, a bobby pin, your favorite essential oil, and glue. Take the ribbon, make it a loop, and wrap it around something hard to glue the the bobby pin inside the ribbon. Once dry, stick the cotton ball in the loop and add a few essential oil drops to the cotton ball. Stick the bobby pin in the air vent of your car and let the aroma’s fill your cabin. Whenever the scent begins to go away, add a few more drops on the cotton ball.

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Back To Basics

Don’t mask odors. Eliminate them with baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on the floors and upholstery in your vehicle. Leave it overnight and then vacuum up the residue. Before you know it, your car will smell better than ever.

Now that you know how to freshen things up, get to work on eliminating the odors in your vehicle for good!

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