Hype Up Your Instagram With These Hacks

Woman taking photo of meal on her phone

Do you enjoy using Instagram, but you don’t quite understand it? You share amazing pictures, but you don’t receive much engagement in return. You’ve tried all the cliches, such as engaging with your followers and posting consistently. No matter what you do, nothing seems to work. Ditch the cliches and try these actionable Instagram hacks that work. Whether you want to be an influencer, market products, or make a bigger splash, these hacks will make a difference.

Skip the Standard Fonts on Stories

You can easily get lost in the sea of font options on Instagram, but that changes when you open Stories. There are only five fonts available, making it hard to stand out. Fortunately, you can customize your font, making your Stories more noticeable.

Start by opening an Instagram story, type your message, and choose a font. Next, copy the text from the tool and paste it into Stories. Then, the new font will show up on your post.

Make Your Hashtags on Stories Disappear

You want to include hashtags when you post Stories so people outside of your current follower base can find you. Unfortunately, if people see a ton of hashtags on your post, they’ll think you’re a spammer. You can still post multiple hashtags without being classified as a spammer by making those hashtags invisible.

This is easy to do. Go to Stories and add a photo. Then, add your first hashtag. Move the hashtag, so it’s positioned on a solid background. Next, click on the pin icon. Drag the pin along your image, and don’t stop until the hashtag and background are the same color, making the hashtag invisible. You can add more hashtags and repeat. No one will see your hashtags, but they are still searchable on Instagram.

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Share Story Previews

You only have a split second to grab people’s interest on Instagram. If they don’t like what they see when viewing one of your Stories, they’ll move onto something else. You can capture their attention by giving them a preview. A preview is an easy way to grab people’s interest, so they stick around for the entire Story.

First, open Instagram Stories and choose a photo. Then you’ll need to click on the pen icon in the app. Select a color and then click on your phone’s screen. You’ll need to hold your finger on the screen for several seconds until the color you selected fills the screen.

When that happens, go to the top of the screen and press on the eraser icon. Use your finger to erase the screen. As you do this, the photo that you covered with the color will appear. Then, you can caption the photo and share it as a preview.

These tips will help you increase your visibility and engagement on Instagram. They are easy to use, so incorporate them today.

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