Hire A Babysitter For Date Night At Edward’s Steakhouse

Juicy steak dinner with garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli

If you’re looking for a great time in downtown Clarksville, TN, Edward’s Steakhouse has a wonderful menu and a great atmosphere. So, hire a babysitter, grab a table, and order up something delicious.

Edward’s Steakhouse Story

Edward’s Steakhouse is a family-owned restaurant providing Clarksville with a wonderful, fine dining option. John Shephard and his parents Linda and Gary Shephard established the steakhouse in 2009. John is a former worker for Benne’s Steakhouse. When Benne’s Steakhouse closed, he and his family were determined to revive the location. So they re-named the restaurant Edward’s Steakhouse in honor of John’s grandfather and re-opened the doors. Since then, they’ve been providing the area with service infused with southern hospitality and tender, juicy steak.

Edwards’s Steakhouse Location

An evening at Edwards Steakhouse is a treat all by itself. Although, one of the things that made the Shephard family so determined to keep the Steakhouse open was the restaurant’s location. Gary and Linda grew up in Clarksville and have always loved the downtown area. They hope that Edwards Steakhouse continues to bring more people into the area.

For patrons, the location means that they can pair their evening with a myriad of other downtown activities. The Cultural House Museum & Cultural Center is only a block away from the restaurant. So you can make a reservation at Edward’s Steakhouse, and plan to explore the art exhibits before or after your meal. Or, you can plan your date night on a Thursday and stroll through the downtown Art Walk before your meal. The Art Walk is held every first Thursday of the month. It features local artists and musicians displaying their work all evening.

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Edward’s Steakhouse Menu

The kitchen staff cooks every cut of steak to order. So, whether you get the tender Sarah’s Filet Mignon or Hazel’s NY Strip, you know that your steak will be cooked exactly how you like it. Every cut also comes with a house salad and one Edward’s Steakhouse house side. The garlic mashed potatoes are a crowd favorite. If you’re not in the mood for steak, you can always order one of the specialties, which range from brisket to salmon. Whatever you choose, you are bound to enjoy the entire experience of having date night at Edward’s Steakhouse.

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