Fun Halloween Costumes For Your Little One


Halloween is the perfect holiday because it’s one everyone can celebrate, no matter your age! Babies, kids, teenagers, and adults all get one night to dress up in costume and have a good time with all of their friends and family. If this is your first Halloween with a little one, or you’re just out of creative ideas for your baby’s costume, here’s two options that are sure to have all of your friends saying “Awwww!”

Baby Bat Costume

To make a baby bat costume, simply have the following materials:

  • Black long sleeve onesie
  • Black felt
  • Black knit fabric
  • Stripped leg warmers
  • Gray felt
  • White chalk

Once you have these materials, lay out the black long sleeve onesie and stretch the arms out. Afterward, measure and cut out wing shapes for the arms. In order to help others see the creativity of the bat costume, use white chalk to draw lines on the wings. Next, use white thread to sew a stitch onto the wings and hand sew the wings into the underarms and body of the onesie. To make the hat, you can look at videos online or try your hand at it. Once you’ve finished the black hat by using the black knit fabric, use pieces of black felt to cut two pieces for ears. You’ll sew them to the hat and voila, you’ve got a baby bat costume!

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Baby Fork Costume

If you and your spouse are huge Disney fans, you’ll want to consider choosing a Halloween costume for your baby that represents this love of animated films. To make a baby costume of Forky from Toy Story 4, simply use the following supplies:

  • Hot glue gun
  • White baby t-shirt
  • White headband
  • Red pants
  • White baby hat
  • Red bow belt
  • Velcro glue dots
  • White craft foam

Once you have all the supplies, you can print out the Forky face with a template online. Afterward, you’ll want to transfer the image on to a t-shirt with transfer paper or a printable sticker vinyl. Simply cut out a white piece of foam and attach the Forky face to the white hoodie with the hot glue gun. Next, just add the red pants to complete the piece. You can also choose rainbow shoes to add a sense of flair to the costume as well!

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