Fill Your Home With These Fun DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas holiday dining table

Christmas is such a fun holiday to decorate for. The fun lights, plaid decorations, and cozy blankets are what make the holidays so magical. If you are looking for new decoration ideas this season, we have a few for you. You will definitely get into the holiday spirit after crafting these festive decorations for your home.

Ice Skates Wreath

Ditch the traditional wreath this year and go for ice skates instead. A bright-colored ice skate wreath with pom-poms and some ornaments will add the perfect amount of holiday cheer to your door.

Berry Garland

Bring your garland outside this year to create the most festive holiday entrance for your friends and family. Wrap your garland in red berries and place it around your door frame. Add a wreath on your door with the same design and enjoy a magical holiday entrance.

Plenty Of Plaid

There is something so comforting about plaid, even if it doesn’t necessarily match anything in your home. Add some plaid stockings, pillows, and small decorations throughout your home and enjoy the coziness of the pattern.

Present Pillow

You can never have too many pillows in your home, especially during the holidays. If you already have a bunch of pillows lying around, you can add some ribbon and a bit of greenery to create a festive look.

Advent Calendar DIY

Advent calendars don’t have to be filled with chocolate. You can create a fun and stylish advent calendar out of paper tags and trinkets that everyone will love. You will need some creativity with this DIY, but the results will be worth it.

Cozy Mitten Garland DIY

You have made popcorn garlands, candy garlands, and snowflake garlands, but have you ever made a mitten garland? If your little ones have mismatched mittens that they grew out of, now is the time to get creative and make a mitten garland. You can hang them in their room for holiday decor, or even the laundry room for some fun.

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Evergreens Everywhere

If you love the color green and you are looking to add color to your home this holiday, try adding greens to all the places you can in your home. Hanging some green around your fireplace, stairs, and kitchen would be a great place to start. Don’t forget to add plaids and knits too. You will have the most festive house on the block with these colors and prints.

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