You Don’t Want to Miss the 4th Annual German Christkindlmarkt


This year, you don’t want to miss the fourth annual German Christkindlmarkt in Clarksville. There’s going to be plenty to do at this family-friendly event, so mark it down in your calendar. It will be on Saturday, Dec. 9 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., so there’s a lot of time for you to stop by and check everything out. You can find this event at Christ Lutheran Church in Clarksville, which makes it convenient and easy to find.

But you should know that it’s not all about shopping. There are plenty of other things you can do while you’re here. Enjoy some authentic German food while you shop around, or bring the kids along so they can do some crafts. Adults can finish off the day with some craft beer, as well. Check out some holiday shopping tips before you go so you can mark everyone off your list.

Look for Unique Gifts

Year after year, you go to the same stores to shop for holiday presents. But this year, you can change it up. The Christkindlmarkt will have a lot for you to choose from, including things that you can’t find anywhere else. That’s what makes it such a great place to shop. This way, you won’t be giving the same gifts as everyone else. Instead, your loved ones will have something unique to open on Christmas Day.

Make a List

There are a lot of people you have to buy presents for, and you don’t want to forget about a single one. Therefore, it’s a good idea to write down a list before you go shopping. On it, you can include all the names of the people you have to buy gifts for. You should also have some sort of idea about what you want to find for them. It doesn’t have to be specific. Just give yourself some general guidelines so you know what to look for.

Pay Attention to Your Loved Ones

If you’re shopping with family and friends, keep an eye on what they look at when you’re shopping. This is an easy way to get present ideas just for them. Then, when you aren’t shopping together, you can come back and get them the present they want.

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