Clarksville Downtown Market

Farmers Market

What are you doing this Saturday? You don’t really want to clean and running errands doesn’t sound like much fun. You could watch Netflix, but you’d much rather get outside. You’re stuck.

Here’s a solution. Head to the Clarksville Downtown Market. This open-air market is open every Saturday from May 26–Oct. 13, with the exception of Sept 8. Local farmers and artisans converge on the Public Square to sell their wares, and there is live music. In addition, the market has special events from time to time. Support your local community and get some fresh air at the market.

Growing Bigger and Bigger

At one time, the market had 30 or so vendors, but it’s gotten so much bigger. Around 80 vendors participated in the first day of the season last year. The vendors offered a great deal of variety, ranging from fresh produce to seasonal flowers. That’s what’s so neat about this market. The vendors bring such an interesting assortment of items that you can always find something. In fact, it’s a popular spot to go Christmas shopping since you can find some unique gift items.

Deals Galore

When you support the local community, you can actually save money. That’s especially true when you shop at this market. For instance, some farmers let you fill an entire basket with fresh veggies for one low price. You will save a ton of money doing that. Also, other vendors sell their handmade items for much less than you could find at the store. With deals like these, you will want to go back to the market over and over again.

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Fun Events

You never know what might go on at the Clarksville Downtown Market. For instance, it’s even hosted scavenger hunts in the past. The family-friendly atmosphere is super entertaining, so don’t leave the little ones at home. Everyone can have fun here.

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