Chocolate Lovers Unite At Chocolate Affair


Chocolate Affair is a Clarksville chocolate lover’s dream come true! This cocoa-centric event will feature 15 local and national businesses, each presenting a sweet and/or savory dish that features chocolate. There will be two sessions for the Chocolate Affair – a more casual afternoon session from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. where children are welcome, and a soiree for the adults with drinks and dancing from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. There are also VIP tickets available for those who want to add a little extra to their evening.

How Is Chocolate Made?

The process of making chocolate is a bit more complicated than many chocolate lovers realize. It starts with harvesting pods from the cacao tree and breaking them open to remove the cream-colored cacao beans inside. After the beans are harvested, they are fermented to develop flavor and reduce astringency. Then they are sun-dried for one to two weeks, at which point they develop their brown coloring. From here, the cacao beans are roasted to bring out the classic chocolate aroma, then winnowed and ground. The final stages of making chocolate are conching, blending, and tempering, in which sugar and flavorings are added and the chocolate is blended and then tempered and molded into its final shape.

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Dishes Utilizing Chocolate

You can probably name a dozen desserts with chocolate in them off the top of your head, but can you think of any savory dishes that use chocolate? If the savory chocolate dishes featured at Chocolate Affair inspire you, try making your own savory chocolate meals and snacks at home.

  • Chicken with mole – This beloved Latin American dish is sure to delight every chocolate lover with its sweet-savory-chocolate notes.
  • Chili with cocoa – Cocoa adds a surprising depth of flavor to the chili. Next time you whip up a pot of chili, try adding a square or two of bakers’ chocolate or cocoa powder a few teaspoons at a time.
  • Spicy Sweet Chocolate Covered Potato Chips – Dip your favorite thick-cut potato chip in either milk or dark chocolate and sprinkle red pepper flakes or cayenne over the chips while the chocolate dip dries for a snack that hits all of your cravings!

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