Best Brunch in Clarksville, TN

Clarksville Brunch

Brunch is probably the best meal of the day. It’s built around socializing, and it’s the most fun when you gather your friends and chow down on delicious food. Clarksville has some top brunch spots you should check out. Give one of these places a try next time you want to eat brunch.

Blackhorse Pub and Brewery

The Blackhorse Pub and Brewery isn’t just the place to go for a Tennessee ale. It’s also the place to go for brunch. Let’s begin with the drinks. While some brunch spots only serve juice, the pub has just what you need for brunch. From the Bloody Mary to the Bellini, you will find the perfect pairing for your food.

And gosh, the food delivers. The brunch pizza is a favorite, but you also can’t go wrong with the chicken and waffles. The pub goes with a Belgian waffle, so it’s chicken and waffles the way chicken and waffles are meant to be.

This place has everything you want for brunch. It doesn’t matter what your tastes are. You’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Rudy’s Diner

There’s just something about diner food when it comes to brunch. It’s the type of food that sticks to your bones and fuels you up for the whole day. It’s also the type of food that’s perfect for eating with friends. That’s what makes Rudy’s Diner such a special place for brunch. The loaded hash browns are so good you’ll be batting your friends’ forks away from your plate. The corn beef hash is also great for brunch. Oh, and this place serves whole milk. It’s just like eating at grandma’s.

North Meets South

A breakfast platter at North Meets South is just what you need for brunch. Get a couple of eggs and some meat, and you’ll be in brunch heaven. Add some handmade donuts to it, and your brunch will be even better. Wash it down with a big glass of chocolate milk and call it a meal. You will be full and satisfied.

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