5 Fun Facts About Chevy That You May Not Have Known

2020 Chevy TrailblazerIt is likely that you have had more downtime in the last few months as the season have changed. This has a lot of people picking up new hobbies, including trivia. There are plenty of categories to dive into when it comes to trivia, but have you thought about the history of brands like Chevrolet? The company itself is over a century old so there are plenty of surprising facts you can learn. Here are just a few!

The First SUV On The Market

The first SUV to ever hit the market was the Chevrolet Suburban Carryall in 1933. This model holds the record for the longest-running line of SUVs. Some key features of the first generation of SUV included removable seats and more room for people and cargo. This was different than all the other vehicles on the market at that time.

The Chevrolet Camaro

Originally called the Black Panthers, the Chevrolet Camaro was built in 1967 to compete with the Ford Mustang. Camaro is translated to “warm friend” but Chevrolet wanted it to be known for it’s aggressive design and impressive performance. The Chevrolet Camaro is alive and well today with upgraded technology and efficiency.

Black And White

To mark the company’s 25-year milestone, Chevrolet created two vehicles to celebrate. The 1978 Chevrolet Corvette and the Indy 500 Pace Car. Because the car would be photographed in newspapers and magazines, they gave the Indy 500 Pace Car a two-toned paint job with black and metallic silver, as well as a red strip in between. This paint job made the vehicle stand out in black and white photographs, which were used during this time.

World War II

World War II brought a lot of changes to the United States. To help the war effort, Chevrolet stopped producing civilian vehicles and converted their plant into a factory for war-related equipment. This included building the T-17 Staghound armored scout car, airplane engines, artillery shells, and more.

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As you can imagine, shipping vehicles was expensive. To make it more affordable, Chevrolet found a way to package vehicles vertically, rather than horizontally. This opened up opportunity to fit double the amount of vehicles on a train car. Originally shipping 15 at a time, they raised the number to 30, making it more economical for the company and allowing them to keep costs low for customers.

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