On Trend: 7 Cabinet Colors For 2021

Picture of elegant kitchen furniture with solid wooden worktops

You can freshen up your kitchen in an instant by painting your cabinets. For the best results, choose one of the top cabinet color trends for 2021. If you go with one of these colors, your kitchen will look more modern, even if painting is the only thing you do!

Slide Into the Modern Era With Pale Blue

Painting your cabinets a pale blue color will catapult your kitchen into the modern era. However, it’s not super dramatic, so you won’t feel a huge departure from all-white cabinetry. This is the ideal way to ease into a modern look without completely saying goodbye to your cabinets of the past.

Go Bold With Gray

You can transform your kitchen by choosing a bold gray for your cabinets. While you have lots of options for bold gray, Sherwin-Williams’s Urbane Bronze (SW 7048) is the clear winner. Pick some up and get ready to fall in love with your freshly painted cabinets.

Get Even Bolder With Matte Black

If you want to make a statement, paint your cabinets matte black. Use black matte paint for the lower cabinets, and contrast them with white upper cabinets. You are sure to love the way the black and white play off each other.

Get Earthy With Sage Green

Earthy paint colors have been hot since 2018, and they grow in popularity each year. Sage green is the perfect cabinet color if you want to adopt this trend. You can pull it all together by using a soft gray-blue color for the surrounding walls. That will make the cabinets stand out even more.

Enjoy the Calm of Earthy Pink

The right color scheme can have a calming effect. If you want your kitchen to be your sanctuary, consider painting your cabinets an earthy pink color. This color is light and versatile and will add a dash of warmth to your kitchen.

Create a Soothing Space With Light Gray

You can also use light gray paint to set the mood in the kitchen. Light gray paint is soothing, instantly making the kitchen more inviting. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, this paint can help you relax and enjoy yourself.

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Go Bold and Soothing With Peacock Blue

Peacock blue proves that colors can soothe and make statements at the same time. This color allows you to take part in the jewel tone trend while still enjoying the relaxing qualities of blue.

All seven of these kitchen cabinet colors are sure to be a hit in your kitchen. Consider what look you’re going for, and then pick the right color. You can then paint your cabinets on the weekend, updating the look in a matter of days!

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