Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017 at Tennessee Valley Brewing Co.

Tennessee Valley Brewing Co.

This New Year’s Eve, why not do something different? After all, staying in the house isn’t all that fun, and you don’t want to go to one of your usual haunts. Instead, head to the Tennessee Valley Brewing Co. New Year’s Eve Celebration. This is your chance to spend the last minutes of 2017 with friends, live music, and a beer in hand. The party starts at 9 p.m., so make sure you don’t get there late.

They will be releasing a new beer for you to try, and Dnny n Jnny are going to be there to play you some tunes. You can watch the music note drop in Nashville on the TV while you munch on some food. Sound like a great night? Read up on these tips to make your New Year’s Eve the best one yet.

Keep in Touch with Your Kids

If you have kids, you will want to make sure they’re safe on New Year’s Eve. This will allow you to relax and have a better time at the celebration. If your kids are younger, leave them with a responsible babysitter. If they are older and are going out by themselves, tell them to check in with you every few hours or so. Your mind will be put at ease, and you can enjoy your night fully.

Hydrate Early in the Day

Lots of people plan on drinking on New Year’s Eve. Therefore, it’s good to know how important proper hydration is before you drink. Before you head to the celebration, make sure to drink several glasses of water throughout the day. That way, you will be well hydrated and ready to take on the night once you get to the Tennessee Valley Brewing Co.

Get a Designated Driver

You will also want to get a designated driver. After the clock strikes midnight or perhaps a few hours later, it will be time to make your way home. But after a long night of drinking and celebrating, driving your car can be dangerous. When you bring a designated driver along, you don’t have to worry about it. They will be responsible for driving, and you don’t have to put yourself and others at risk by driving under the influence. It’s the safest and most responsible way to have a good time on New Year’s Eve no matter where you go.

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