Step Back In Time To A 19th Century Christmas

19th century christmas

Can you imagine what it was like to celebrate Christmas in the 1800s? People weren’t glued to their phones back then, so they were more likely to sing Christmas carols, make their own decorations, and savor cups of eggnog. You can step back in time and enjoy an old-fashioned Christmas by attending a 19th Century Christmas in Clarksville on Dec. 16 at Fort Defiance Park and Interpretive Center. You can attend from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. The spots are limited, and preregistration is required. You’ll need to pay a $3 fee when you register.

Create Period Decorations

Christmas wasn’t always celebrated in the United States. In fact, it didn’t become a mainstream tradition until the 1800s. That’s when Christmas decorations started going up in homes. Many of the decorations were handmade and included a variety of materials ranging from wood to edible items. You’ll get to try your hand at making your own period decorations during this 19th century Christmas celebration. See if you can make a showpiece using the materials provided at the celebration.

Visit with Santa

Your kids can visit with a 19th century Santa during the celebration. Santa became popular in the 19th century, largely due to the poem “An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore. While Santa was finally in the mainstream, one of his reindeer wasn’t. Rudolph wouldn’t come around until the 20th century, so while Santa will be there, his trusty sidekick will stay at home.

Decorate the Tree

Just like the other holiday traditions, the Christmas tree became popular in America in the 1800s. By the time the Civil War was over, Christmas trees were commonplace in American households. The tradition has held up over the years, but the decorations have changed. You’ll get to decorate a tree 19th-century style during this family event.

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And More

The organizers have done a great job of coming up with everything that’s involved in a 19th century Christmas. That means you can also enjoy eggnog, cakes, and your favorite Christmas carols. This is more than a history lesson. It’s a heartwarming event you’re sure to love.

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