Celebrate 12 Days Of Christmas At The Ryman In Nashville


Few couples do Christmas quite like Amy Grant and Vince Gill. The musical couple has a long-running show called “Christmas at the Ryman,” and it is incredibly popular. Last year, the couple held ten shows, and all ten sold out. This year, they’ve added two more, bringing the total to 12. They’ll be performing 12 Days of Christmas at the Ryman on Nov. 28 to 29, Dec. 3, Dec. 5 to 6, Dec. 12 to 13, and Dec. 16 to 20. Tickets run from $35 to $135, and they are expected to go fast. If you want to see them perform, you need to get tickets soon.

About the Show

Grant and Gill perform an assortment of Christmas standards along with new hits. Out of all the songs that they perform, none is as big of a hit as Grant’s own “Tennessee Christmas.” She wrote that song with Gary Chapman, who was her husband at the time. She is no longer married to Chapman, but that song is still a crowd-pleaser. It’s always fun to listen to a Tennessee native sing about what makes Christmas in Tennessee so special.

The couple’s take on “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” is likely the second biggest hit. Grant puts a little pep in her voice for this song, and she tends to get the entire crowd rocking along. It’s a lot of fun.

The Format

So, how do two superstars share the stage with one another?

In the best way possible.

While Grant typically opens the show on her own, it doesn’t take long for Gill to come out and share vocal duties. The two go back and forth on the songs, playfully trading verses. It’s fun to watch the way they work together. It’s also fun to watch Gill shred on the guitar.

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Why the Ryman?

The Ryman is the perfect place to host this Christmas concert. You might not realize this, but it started as a church, and to this day, it’s known as the “Mother Church.” Grant’s faith is part of the reason she loves Christmas music so much, so it makes sense that she and Gill hold the concerts here.

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