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Explore Journey’s Eye Studio

Journey’s Eye Studio
Don’t you want to know about all the coolest places in town? Well, if you’ve never gone to Journey’s Eye Studio, you’ll want to take a trip there as soon as possible. This furniture and decor store is unmatched by any other in the area, and you’ll see why the... [read more]

Redecorate With Furniture From These Stores

Living Room
There’s never a bad time to redecorate. Whether you need to spruce up your living space, enliven your kitchen, or add some character to your bedroom, all you need is a good home furnishings store and at least a general idea of what you like. If you live in Clarkesville,... [read more]

Take Your Fur Baby To These Clarksville Restaurants

Most of us have been there. We start to exit our house and turn around to see our loyal dog with literal puppy-dog eyes staring back at us, begging for us not to leave him or her alone. As they whimper and scratch at the door, we regretfully close it... [read more]