Outdoor Activities You Should Try

Athlete jumping over a wall for parkour.

Athlete jumping over a wall for parkour.If you’re looking for something new to do while enjoying the great outdoors – we’ve got the answer. Actually, we have several answers. Along with some help from FitnessHQ.com, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of new outdoor activities to try. 


Don’t be thrown off by the title – this could actually be called tightrope walking. Just tie a rope a few inches off the ground between two trees and you’ve created a tightrope. Make them longer as you improve your skills to increase the challenge. 

Paddle Boarding

Okay – so, this activity isn’t exactly new – but it is fun! Find your nearest body of water, grab a paddle board, and head out. You can paddle board from a kneeling position or do stand-up paddle boarding. 

Spike Ball

This game is played in teams of two and involves a volleyball and a trampoline between the two teams. You serve the ball back and forth to each other by bouncing it or spiking it off the net.


Another outdoor classic activity that just involves a paddle, a canoe, and a body of water. It also gives you a solid workout in your shoulders and back. 


You’ve probably seen YouTube videos of this activity where people are jumping, flipping, and running around and over obstacles. To get started, map out a course with obstacles like buildings, fire escapes, or stairs and try to make it through the course in the most creative way possible. 


Be extra careful when bouldering. Why? Because it’s basically rock climbing without any safety equipment such as harnesses or ropes. In fact, when bouldering, you really shouldn’t be climbing any rocks that elevate more than a few feet up. 

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