Helpful Camping Tips For Your Next Adventure

Family enjoying a camping trip.

Family enjoying a camping trip.With the weather slowly starting to cool off, it’s the perfect time to get outside and camp! If, however, you are new to the whole camping experience, you might need a little guidance along the way. has put together a list of pro tips for beginners that you’ll definitely want to keep in mind. 

Borrow A Tent Before You Buy

If you are new to camping, then you may not have a tent. It’s always a good idea to borrow a tent for your first camping trip. This will allow you to see how one works and figure out which kind is right for you. When you do finally head to the store to purchase your own tent, keep in mind that “the costs will rise as the materials and construction become lighter and designs become easier for setup and sturdier in high winds,” according to 

Don’t Skimp On The Sleeping Bag

It gets cold at night during the fall months and that means you definitely want a good sleeping bag to put in the tent. Sleeping bags typically use either goose down fill or synthetic fill. The synthetic fill sleeping bags are generally less expensive while goose down will run you more, but are lighter in weight. 

Safety First

Chances are you’ll be camping somewhere with lots of wildlife like a state or national park. Make sure to always keep your campsite tidy and devoid of food, so as not to attract animals. Pack all your food items in your vehicle.

Little Extras Make A Big Difference

Bring a tarp as it can serve as extra shelter in the weather. Wet wipes are great for keeping yourself clean while camping. Headlamps allow you to work with your hands in the dark. 

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